We are here for you to resolve management or process transformation issue. We are your best partner for a transformation. We provides thoughtful end to end solution. We happy to be with you to answer your queries and verify idea. The idea for  your clean, manageable and fruitful business transformation. We provides the cutting edge but effectively proven technology. It helps us to promote trusted service for you. It's very often that our customer get more relax than before. If you are looking for affordable technology solution, sound implementation management and trusted service, Solusindo Total Teknikatama is now ready for you.


Welcome to Solusindo Total Teknikatama

PT Solusindo Total Teknikatama with new management is now expanding the range of service and expertise to support wider market. We have 15 years experienced in providing IT support service, Technology Service Management, customized system development and Project Management. Without diminishing our expertise, our expansion now has been directed towards providing Business Process Outsourcing in the Financial industry, Retail / SME, Public Sectors, Mining and Education.

Solusindo Total Teknikatama has quickly enriched their knowledge and experience in Business Analytics, Integrated Security System, Secure Network, Remote Sensing and Risk Management

The combined experience of our Directors and Personnel cover nearly every aspect of the IT Services with particular emphasis on Service of Software Development and Computer Integration. Our personnel consists of a good mix of both Local and Expatriate Talent that are able to both fulfill the current Marketplace demands as well as effectively anticipating future trends. With support from the group companies and business partner, we provide an end-to-end IT solution from IT hardware infrastructure, software infrastructure to application solutions like ERP, CRM, DWH, ERM, EIS, and SCADA.



Bank Indonesia XBRL Reporting System

Bank & Finance Data Presentation tools for Regulatory Reporting...

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Altova partner reseller

Altova – XML Tools

Altova is the maker of the XMLSpy XML editor and other leading XML, SQL, and UML tools for...

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Quasar VPLS


VPN SECURE and RELIABLE. Plug and Play Private Network. Your branches can easily get secure connection to main...

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SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) generally refers to industrial control systems (ICS): computer systems that monitor and...

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Almost 2 decades experience in IT Technical Support, Network infrastructure and Application Development for various industries with particular emphasis on project management capabilities.
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Focus and experienced in all aspect of software Design, Development and System Integration such as Custom Made Software Design (dotNEt, Pascal, C, C++, Assembler, etc)
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Partnering with SAS has leveraged our capability to provide customer's improvements on profitability, capability, efficiency, productivity and security. We can assist your business to aim new target, monitor the achievements and declare improvement options for your business transformation
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Developed competencies in Marketing Analytic to assist customers successful in sales acquisition, retention, or even expansion of market share. Assist business to implement CRM and ERP as an end to end solution for business transformation
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Start from Award winning Technology Product for network infrastructure, telematics, video analytic, and cloud applications for education and customized software applications. Those range of products will assist you to bring up your business into a higher level
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Our reachable contact point will assist your problem resolution or simply satisfy your query. Our office location is located in Jakarta main business area. Very close to you your business activities
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